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where jerry sandusky will come face to face with his accusers. some say the abuse happened in jerry sandusky's home and right now he is free on bail wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet and maintains his innocence. during tuesday, the prosecution has to convince the judge there is enough evidence to take the case to trial. >> jerry sandusky does not think it is going to get thrown out. even if only one of these kids is believed, that is a serious case. >> jerry sandusky will have the opportunity to testify. at least one man is preparing for what his attorney says will be a very difficult day. >> he has been told essentially tell the truth and prepare by simply trying to relax as best as he cool. >> reporter: they will likely be asked to recount what happened with jerry sandusky and will be submitted to tough questions from the defense. >> we are looking for them to tell us what happened and then we will look into how it didn't happen the way they say. >> and -- >> reporter: and mike mcqueary, it was his testimony that put jerry sandusky in a shower performing a sex act with a y
soldiers are dead after two army choppers crash during a training exercise. >>> jerry sandusky facing his accusers today. the men set to describe painful memories of how the ex penn state coach allegedly abused them when they were children. >>> and finders keepers. commenting on a drone that literally fell into iran's hands. on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> and good morning to you. it is tuesday, december 13th. i feel like it's a homecoming. >> a long time since the three of us have been together. >> good to see you. >> as usual a busy, busy news morning. breaking news now. four soldiers are dead after two army choppers went down during a training exercise. it happened a joint base lewis-mcchord in washington state. crash investigators are trying to find out what went wrong right now. pliv on the pholive on the phon crash site. what do we know? >> i'm watching the lights of the recovery teams that have been looking throughout the night to go in the grim task of recovering those bodies of the four aviators that lost their lives. still don't know what we
after getting all the intelligence they can out of it. >>> jerry sandusky faces his accusers in court today. they'll describe abuse suffered years ate at the hands of the former penn state coach. the judge will decide whether there's enough evidence to try sandusky on more than 50 charges of molestation of little boys. outside the courthouse in pennsylvania, susan, how many victims do we expect in court today to take the stand? >> reporter: you know, carol, it's impossible to say at this time. we know that there are ten victims referred to in that grand jury report and the prosecutors are aware of at least eight of them. look, counting up the numbers, there could be perhaps three to five victims who are able to take the stand today. alleged victims, to tell their story, and this is going to be fascinating, because for the first time we will hear likely in excruciating detail exactly what they say happened to them, and as you indicated, they'll have to do this facing jerry sandusky for the very first time, but it's not necessary for the prosecutors necessarily to put all of the alleged
. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky to effaces more than 50 counts of child sexual abuse. -- he faces. >> the hearing will get under way at 8:30 this morning. it's not clear how many, but several of the accusers will take the stand. a judge will then decide if the case can go to trial. >> how many more children will come forward commentar? >> cui will hear their account of what allegedly happened today for the first time. >> there will be more of an adversarial process. it will be uncomfortable, but my client is ready to go forward. >> figure is sandusky is charged with more than 50 counts with boys as young as 10. he denies the allegations. mike mcqueary is the only a delta witness to an alleged attack on the child by jerry sandusky weber is testimony about whether he actually saw the assault is being called into question. -- whether his testimonymike mcqueary's testimony is being called into question. there's a good possibility that jerry sandusky could take a stand. during will get under way at 8:30 this morning. brianne carter reporting. >> court officials decided to
. >>> jerry sandusky, former penn state defensive coach, could have faced all the accusers in court today. instead, sandusky waived his right to today's preliminary hearing pleading not guilty. what does that mean? it means he's going to trial on charges that he sexually abused ten boys. sandusky's attorney explained why. >> one of the main reasons we wanted to have a preliminary hearing and the anticipated of having one is to cross-examine mike mcqueary in the allegations pertaining to number two. prior to today with various statements he allegedly has made -- >> mike mcqueary is the assistant coach who claims he saw sandusky rape a boy in the penn state showers, but according to his reports his account has now changed over time. >>> the army is trying to figure out what caused two helicopters to crash killing four soldiers last night outside of a training area at joint base lewis-mcchord in washington state. now the choppers were observation helicopters. no word on whether they collided or crashed separately. >>> finders keepers, that's the message from iran today about the captured u.s
was the first d.a. to investigate are coach jerry sandusky. could there be a link between that case and his disappearance? where is this man? >> somebody knows something or aloft somebodies do. >> reporter: the case of the missing d.a. thanks for joining us. i'm lester holt in bellefonte, pennsylvania, a tiny town just a few short miles from the penn state campus. it was here in the courthouse behind me that the accusation that coach jerry sandusky sexually abused a child first came to the attention of the local district attorney. that was more than a decade ago, long before it became front page news. a few years later, that local d.a. mysteriously disappeared, a strange turn of events left people asking, is it possible there's a connection? >> reporter: the clues are tantalizing. a sporty red car. a speck of cigarette ash. a battered hard drive. >> it is a mystery. it absolutely is a mystery. >> reporter: but what do these clues say about the sudden disappearance of a district attorney who left them behind? >> it's baffling. it's confusing. and perplexing. it's all of tho
. three weeks out, ann selzer will see new iowa and of course, as well. >>> jerry sandusky waived his right to hearing, hospitaling no t.o. go right to trial. he, of course, pleaded not guilty. sandusky and his wife returned home. you are looking live right now of his home. his attorney went back it the courthouse to talk about their strategy in the wake of this morning's dramatic developments. >> we're toward defend. we have always been ready to defend. today's waiver has nothing to do with conceding anything. there is no plea negotiations. will be no plea negotiations. there th is the fight to death. this is the fight of jerry sandusky's life in the hey, craig, great to see you. a lot of surprises. there was t was packed courtroom. thousands of people trying to get in and there was only a room for about a hundred. they were upset there was no show. >> it only took a few min pupts this week tend was said this preliminary hearing was going to happen. low an behold this morning, they changed their mind. apparently the decision was made yesterday. he spoke with the prosecution after the
and seeing jerry sandusky, but did this last interview hurt or help his legal battle that lies ahead of him? >>> strong santa anna winds caused widespread damage , the worst isn't over as the area braces for another round. all the details coming up. >>> it's december 5th. i'm charley crowson. fog, the big story k over both my shoulders, see the live looks at the inner harbor, thick fog. now over to meteorologist, justin berk. >> so much weather, kuren redmond is doing wet for the west coast. dense fog on this december 5th, it is all about the fog from baltimore, down through arundel, maryland, most of the eastern shore. harford, cecil as we have the issue this morning, let's take a look, dense fog advisories queen ann, clint, caroline at the bottom. this is our date with destiny, 7 of the last ten years, brought us near record snowfall, including record snowfall in 2002. this time around, we don't have ourselves flakes, it's about the fog, bel air fogged out, roland park had the fog. downtown baltimore as we lost the lights across the harbor. temperatures mid-30s to low 40s. losing the fog
with young people, i enjoyed spending time with people. >> the coach on the record, jerry sandusky in his own words. abc 7 news starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> a young boy it is alive tonight thanks to the quick thinking of a police cadet in prince george's county, who jumped into action just in time. richard reeve has the story that you will see only on 7. >> some scary moments for this young man. he was eating a chicken nuggets like this one a police cadet came to the rescue. >> happened to be in the right place at the right time. >> they may just be knew best friends now. >> he did a good thing, i guess? >> the good thing, the heimlich maneuver at a children's luncheon. jason was choking on a chicken nugget lodged in his throat. the police cadet also a volunteer firefighter, who sprang into action. >> nothing came out, did the heimlich again and it popped out. >> jason is just fine, his family much relieved. were you scared? >> yeah. i am really happy for jason. >> the police instructor could not be more pleased. >> knowing the traini
on the killing of a police officer, a father of five. >>> jerry sandusky's wife says the accusations against her husband are false, as he leaves jail and she comes under scrutiny for what she knew and when. we will hear more from dottie sandusky's first public statement in the case. >>> mitt romney heads to iowa as a new campaign ad targets newt gingrich's marital failures. we will tell you why romney is cuddly pushing harder to win over iowa republicans. >>> tim tebow, winning quarterback and a praying one but he is not the first and only athlete to bring faith to the field. we will talk about religion and the gridiron "early" this friday morning, december 9th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. i'm erica hill. happy friday. >> happy friday erica and everybody. i'm jeff glor. chris wragge is off this morning. welcome back from d.c. >> thanks. nice to be back. boy, what a day yesterday. so many people on edge as we were watching the events unfold at virginia tech. we want to begin with the latest this morning from virginia tech which is of course an ugly
>> setting the record state jerry sandusky in an interview denies having sexual contact with young boys. was he convincing we will take you through it and let you decide. >>> suspended campaign, accused of a sexual affair. herman cain suspends his run for the presidency. his wife by his side, he insists you have not seen the last of him. >> i'm not going to be silenced and i'm not going away. >> 30 seconds. >> mind of a serial killer. new york police say bodies being dumped along long island are the work of one serial killer. we will talk to a forensic psychologist about the mind of a killer. >>> and shark encounter. >> i like the fact he's circling us the last ten minutes. he might know something we don't. >> a huge great white spotted off of the carolina coast. what would you do if confronted by giant man eater? this is information you need to know. it's all right here, right now on cnn. >> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. we begin with former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky in a lengthy interview with this new york times sandusky tries to expla
says happened between jerry sandusky and a young boy in a locker room shower. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> a penn state football coach takes the stand today at a preliminary hearing with school officials. mike mcqueary testifies that he did see jerry sandusky sexually molesting a boy. >> reporter: penn state assistant football coach, mike mcqueary left the courthouse after giving damning testimony against jerry sandusky and two other college officials. mcqueary testified that he saw sandusky having what he believed to be sexual intercourse with a 10- or 12- year-old boy in a campus shower in 2002. mcqueary said when he entered the locker room, he heard, quote, rhythmic slapping sounds and that he shockingly and surprisingly saw jerry in the shower with a boy. he was behind the boy in a very, very, very close position, holding the boy's waist, the boy's hand up against the shower wall. mcqueary said he didn't try to stop it or call the police because sandusky and the boy separated before he left the locker room. he testified he
>>> good morning. jerry sandusky goes to court with at least five men who will testify today that the former penn state defensive coordinator sexually abused them. we will have a live report from the courthouse. >>> president obama wants to extent the payroll tax cut, but now he's threatening to veto a republican plan that would do just that. find out what else is in that bill and why the democrats don't like it. >>> with the last u.s. troops leaving iraq this month, we'll have former vice president dick cheney if he thinks the u.s. won the war and what he thinks will happen next. >>> and the russian billionaire who owns an nba team says he'll challenge strong man vladimir putin in next year's election. we'll hear what makhali prokohrav told "60 minutes" on this tuesday, december 13th. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning everyone. i'm jeff glor. >> i believe it is. you said december 13th and i realized we're only 12 days from christmas. >> the countdown is on baby. good morning. >> lots to get to this morning. we begin with morning with the swrarry sa
, jerry sandusky. he was scheduled to face his accusers and a preliminary hearing. his attorney at a different plan. >> jerry sandusky arrived at court, ready to face the media and also his alleged accusers, who were set to give emotional and damaging testimony. just as the judge called a court into session, sandusky and his attorney made a surprise move, waving his right to a preliminary hearing. >> based on our readiness, the strength of the case, i am not that surprised. >> after court was over, defense attorney said that they thought sandusky would not have the chance to define himself and they would gain nothing new from the testimony. >> we would not been able -- we would not have been able to present any witnesses, we would not have been able to present a defense. >> 8 of the 10 alleged victims were expected to testify, along with other witnesses. the men were expected to provide detailed accounts of the sexual abuse allegations against sandusky that date back more than a decade. >> the waiver means that the victims in this case, although they were ready to testify today,
jerry sandusky molesting a boy in the showers. susan candiotti was in the courtroom and some of the testimony in her report here is quite graphic. >> reporter: it was his moment, mike mcqueary walked into court, took a deep breath and became the prosecution's star witness. he methodically described what he called a horrifying alleged 2002 sexual assault between jerry sandusky and a young boy in a penn state locker room. >> when i opened that first door, i heard rhythmic slapping sounds, two or three slaps skin on skin. >> reporter: he moved closer and looked in the shower. >> the boy was facing the wall, hands for shoulder height. jerry was close to him with his hands wrapped around his waist. i believe jerry was sexually molesting him. >> reporter: he said he was about 5 to 6 feet away. >> there was no protester yelling, so i can't be sure it was intercourse, but that's what i believe was occurring. they looked directly in my eyes. >> reporter: neither said a word. >> reporter: he says he left, called his father, and met with head coach joe paterno the next day. >> i describ
. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. as many as 10 accusers may testify in the jerry sandusky hearing taking place in a tiny pennsylvania town today. it is unclear if sandusky himself will take the stand. and there are new questions about what a key witness, mike mcqueary, will say about what he saw and heard. >> extraordinary. today he will see up to ten accusers in court face to face. some of them seen for the first time. not clear who the accusers are. he will see them for the first time. an extraordinary moment in court today. >> people are guessing he will testify. that's not going to happen. >> you don't think he will take the stand? >> no. >> based on previous interviews. >> based on that. defendants don't testify at preliminary hearings. we will hear the stories of so many of the young men today. >> unbelievable story. >>> also on this tuesday morning, an awkward situation for mitt romney. during an old-fashioned campaign stop at a new hampshire diner, he sat down with a vietnam vet. instead of talking about the veteran's military background, romney was put on the spot
" -- courtroom drama. the young men accusing former penn state coach jerry sandusky of sexual abuse are set to meet him today face to face. >> prosecutors are ready to question every one of them in front of a pennsylvania judge. it's tuesday, december 13th. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. as many as 10 accusers may testify in the jerry sandusky hearing. taking place in a tiny pennsylvania town today. it is unclear if sandusky himself will take the stand. and there are new questions about what a key witness, mike mcqueary will say about what he saw and heard. >> extraordinary today he will see up to ten accusers in court face to face. some of them seen for the first time. not clear who the accusers are. he will see them for the first time. an extraordinary moment uncourt today. >> people are guessing he will testify. that is not going to happen >> you don't think he will take the stand? >> no. >> based on preachous interviews. >> based on that. defendants don't testify at preliminary hearings. we will hear the stories of so many of the young men today. >
>>> good morning. coward. jerry sandusky blasted by an attorney for one of his accusers for backing out of a hearing tied to his child sex abuse case. was it a sign he's hoping for a plea deal? this morning, jerry sandusky's attorney speaks out in a live interview. >>> total ban. a total federal agency push to goan all personal electronic devices behind the wheel nationwide. even hands-free phone calls would be off limits. will it make the road safer, or is the government going too far? >>> and who will it be? a lot of people have made their mark on the world in 2011. but only one can be named "time" magazine's person of the year. we'll reveal the answer, live today, wednesday, december 14th, we'll reveal the answer, live today, wednesday, december 14th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and ann curry. live, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning, i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. good morning, everybody. is jerry sandusky's attorney is calling his
. >>> face-to-face, standing against jerry sandusky to hear his accusers today in court. >>> and shut counsel, anti-wall street protesters trying to close west coast ports clash with police. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, december 13th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, december 13th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. >>> the deadly crash of two army helicopters in washington state, the two helicopters based at st. lewis mccord near oh olympia went down during a training mission last night. >> we're sad to report tonight that four army aviators were killed in an innocent with two army helicopters. >> two other service members were injured. the helicopters crashed in a remote training area south of oh olympia. the cause of the crash is not known. the army is investigating. >>> now the latest on the former penn state sex abuse scandal. it's reported he continued coaching at a small pennsylvania college last year, even though he had failed a background check. three football players told cbs affiliate that sandusky coached th
allegations of sexual abuse involving one of his former assistant coaches jerry sandusky. a key prosecution witness in the case is expected to testify tomorrow. anna werner reports. >> reporter: former penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary is among those expected to testify tuesday. mcqueary told a grand jury that in 2002, he saw jerry sandusky in a locker room shower on the penn state campus sexually assaulting a young boy. >> mr. sandusky, any comments. >> reporter: according to the grand jury report, he saw a boy he estimated to be 10 years old with his hands up against the wall being raped by a naked sandusky. but a local newspaper report raised new questions about whether mcqueary may have told a different story back then. the hair russburg patriot news quoting a source says after the incident, mcqueary went to his father's home where a family friend, dr. jonathan dranof was present. the newspaper said dranof reportedly said at the time mcqueary heard sex sounds and saw a young boy stick his head around the corner and an adult arm reach around and pull the boy back. they say he aske
in the sex abuse scandal. the preliminary hearing of jerry sandusky begins in just hours. >> it will likely take most of the day, as several young men, as many as ten, face their accu accuser. all this happening in the small town of bellefont. tahman bradley has details. >> reporter: today, for the first time, former penn state coach jerry sandusky faces his accuser. some will explain under oath how sandusky molested them. ben an degree yoz si says his client is eager to take the stand. but the large number of press in attendance will not make it easy. >> i know it's going to be uncomfortable. but he's ready to go forward. >> any victim that goes forward with these types of cases is incredibly brave. but they have to face the person they're accusing. >> reporter: in what could be a setback for the prosecution, one of the key witnesses in the case, penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary is being called into question. mcqueary says he witnessed sandusky raping a 10-year-old boy in the team showers in 2002. and that he told head coach, joe paterno, and penn state officials about it. now, a l
. no nonsense. just people sense. >>> accused former penn state coach jerry sandusky will face some of his accusers on tuesday. that's when a preliminary evidence hearing is scheduled on the dozens of charges he molested ten young boys but today there's new information about a financial connection between board members of sandusky's charity and a governor of pennsylvania's election campaign. cnn contributor and reporter for the pat news co-wrote the article. so sarah, it is good to see you. what did you find out? >> he accepted more than $25,000 in campaign contributiones from second mile board members and that included a fund-raiser from the board chair who held a fund-raiser at his home in january 2010 for the governor for his campaign np. now today he is defending all of that, saying, it would have looked political if he had charged sandusky at the time. it would have looked political if he waited. so it is a lose/lose situation for him and he is defending hit situation saying he didn't want to give that money back or refuse it because that would give away that jerry sandusky was under
of name calling after jerry sandusky left court. his lawyer indicated the alleged victims made up his stories and one of the accuser called sandusky a coward. >> cbs news correspondent armen keteyian is in bellefonte, pennsylvania, with more on that five-minute hearing. >> reporter: a much, much, much quieter day than it was here yesterday morning a day in which jerry sandusky waived his right was about to face his accusers in court. now it appears we are headed to trial. in a day filled with high drama, two law enforcement sources told cbs news the prosecution is not entertaining a plea bargain in the case. a hard line stance, more than matched by sandusky attorney joe amendola. >> be no negotiations. this is a fight to the dem. this is to fight a jerry sandusky's life. >> reporter: sandusky had entered the center county courthouse under heavy security holding his wife dottie's hand but he didn't stay long. as he walked out of court after the ten-minute hearing he used a football reference to profess his innocence. >> stay the course and fight for fourth quarters. we will wait the op
or not he stays in this race? the allegations jens jerry sandusky and bernie fine are raising questions about what the other half, the wives knew. we will hear from one woom who stood by her husband even after he was convicted of molestation. >> and it's not every day that a team gets a special video message from lady gaga. right now a resurging nutd gingrich is in iowa waiting to give a speech to a crowd there. there is a sneak peek from the live cameras. he is leading the pack in terms of buzz right now. but where he is lacking in campaign staff is right there in iowa. he has the smallest of any candidates competing there. gingrich says he is the clear choice for conservatives. >> people say i think we need newt gingrich because we need somebody who can debated obama, somebody who has actually done it before. somebody with substantial big ideas. so i think where as i would have thought originally it was going to be midst mitt and not mitt now i think it will be newt and not newt. a new ad by fell loi candidate capitalizes that argument. >> when 4e was in the house, he went t
to be called. late last night he and the new cocouncil he hired and jerry sandusky decided they would not have today's preliminary hearing. a number of victim his planned to be here. several were in a holding room this morning and at the last minute, it was all called off. the whole thing spanned three minutes. you mentioned one of the victims. i talked to the attorney, a victim via telephone. he said his victim was relieved. he is 24 years old and did not look forward to going into the stomach-churning details and the 23-page grand jury report. he did not want to have to go into that in court that. did not happen. also happened today, jerry sandusky waived the arraignment, that january 11th arraignment. he will not appear there as well. he entered the not guilty plea and will question the jury trial. all of that taking about three minutes. >> craig melvin for us. let's bring in radio talk show host michael smerconish. joining us by phone, prosecutor and candidate for pennsylvania attorney, thank you both. let me start with you on this development. three minutes and this could have been a dram
. >> this comes as jerry sandusky heads back to court tomorrow to face some of his alleged child victims. we warn you, some of the details that we are about to talk about are disturbing. things you might not want your kids to hear. our stacy cohan is is here in studio with all of the. developments in this disturbing case altogether. >> it is. this testimony is particularly important as the development of this case. five of jerry sandusky's accusers are expected to testify at this preliminary hearing tomorrow as well as at least one other witness and that witness is expected to be former penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary. a grand jury report that was made public last month detailed 40 charges of rape and molestation aagainst sandusky. mike mcqueary had testified to the grand jury that he saw jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a young boy in a penn state locker room shower. that is video of joe pat were owe, former penn state head coach. now, according to the testimony of mike mcqueary, he saw him sexually salting that boy any locker room shower. however, accord tying report any local pennsy
to the penn state scandal. a lot of name calling after the suspect jerry sandusky left court. the alleged victims made up their stories. one of his accusers called sandusky a coward. >> ramen keteyian has more on that five-minute court hearing. good morning. >> good morning, rebecca. a much, much quieter day than it was yesterday morning. a day in which jerry sandusky waived his right to a preliminary hearing just as he was about to face his accusers in court. now it appears we are headed to trial. in a day filled with high drama, two law enforcement sources told cbs news the prosecution is not entertaining a plea bargain in the case. a hardline stance more than matched by sandusky attorney joe amendola. >> there will be no negotiations. this is the fight of jerry s sandusky's life. >> reporter: he had entered the courthouse under heavy security holding his wife, dottie's hand. as he walked out of court after the ten-minute hearing he used a football reference to profess his innocence. >> fight for four carters. we'll make the opportunity to present our side. >> reporter: sources say as m
. now his past used by conservative critics. >>> more disturbing allegations against jerry sandusky. another man saying he abused him and gave him alcohol as a boy. >>> i have been excused of being a tramt traitor to both sides. >>> a woman goes from wall street protester to wall street professional on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> all right. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, december 7th. ali is off today. i'm christine romans along with carol costello on this "american morning." welcome, everyone. >> welcome and good morning. up first this morning, newt gingrich threatening to run away with the republican race. his bid for the gop nomination going gang busters. it's beginning to look like a gingrich juggernaut. look at the latest gallup poll. among republican voters nationwide, 37% now say gingrich is their choice. he leads mitt romney by a whopping 15 points. cnn's deputy political director paul steinhauser joins us live from washington this morning. who could have predicted this? >> boy, one crazy ride. we've seen candidates go up and d
time he saw. he 2002, saw showers with jerry the wall with his shoulder height and h sandusky boy's waist and, as they coul afterwards leftshock. he admits that he didn't calle because he and he said that joe paterno h extremely sexual inen sanduskyb. it was not until mcqueary testi. he did fa examitiinary hearing,t credibility. they didn't get very far in that you believe that a crime took and they said, but you d said, e officials, they testimony under oath horseplay. explain to us ho is different t. >> well, perhaps we will hearin grand jury will be we'll getorlr they testified, agrand jury, th saw, that something sexual was as anything serious and, tht to police. >>you. we'll come backry for ed out ofhe stories affiliates . ordered a new trial in the years ago. kathleen pool of blood at thcouple's home. th been misledevidence. >>> the southern publishingi ret stores. a dollar for to the susan g.komen fund. many conservative christian firefighters des abortion were called to rescue a got stuk in aof why or even how this the chimney orhe house after wr to get unstuck. y met nn
scandal. jerry sandusky in and out of court in minutes waiving a preliminary hearing and keeping accusers from taking the stand. afterwards we heard a few hints about his defense strategy. joining us now is jerry sandusky's attorney joe amendola. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning, carol. thank you. >> i think a lot of people are still confused about why you decided to waive the preliminary hearing. so tell us why. >> the answer is simple. monday night the attorney for the commonwealth contacted me to discuss details about the preliminary hearing. during those conversations i had with him, he indicated he would ask the judge following the preliminary hearing to increase bail. i've always been concerned that jerry might wind up in jail pending his trial, which would really impede our efforts to adequately and properly prepare his defense. it's very difficult to work with a defendant when he's incarcerated. so we began discussions about making concessions. us waiving the preliminary hearing in return from the commonwealth saying to us, guaranteeing, they would not seek i
case involving former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. >>> former athletic director tim curly and gary schultz are charged with lying and failing to report the suspected abuse. mike mcquery is the star witness. he says he told curly and schultz seen sandusky raping a boy. he testifies there's no question that he fully described what he saw. prosecutors say sandusky sexually accused ten young boys. he has pleaded not guilty to more than 50 charges. >>> back from the brink of a government shutdown. sources are now saying that democrats and republicans have reached a deal to keep the federal government running after midnight tonight. the house and senate, they're expecting to vote on that plan today. negotiators are still trying to agree on extending the payroll tax cut. if they don't, your taxes are going to go up by an average of $1,000. >>> republican presidential candidates are making their closing arguments to iowa voters. now the candidates met last night in their last debate before the iowa caucuses. some took aim at president obama. current front-runner newt gingrich foun
thing the response was quick. >> lessons learned, right? >> yes. jerry sandusky bails out of jail. but there are big question as but what his wife knew and when about the alleged sexual abuse. we are hearing from her for the first time. >> a pretty stunning statement from her. >> dottie sandusky. >> she is saying none of this happened. standing by her man through awful this. later after the serious headlines we take a lighter look at the heavy christmas sweaters, really ugly ones like the ones in the photo and why these things have become so popular. awe you know you have one. >> i do not. people throw ugly sweater parties. great idea for a holiday party. >> haven't heard of that. >> we need light news today. >> first, virginia tech's campus plunged into panic when the gunman reopened the wounds from the april 2007 massacre. >> looking for answers about what triggered this shooting. mark kelly joins us live from the campus in blacksburg with the very latest on this incident. good morning to you, mark. >> reporter: good morning, rob. we found out here the slain police officer has b
. former penn state coach jerry sandusky is wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet this morning as his wife comes to his defense for the first time. dottie sandusky says all the accusations of sexual assault involving her husband are false. abc's jim avila reports. >> reporter: dottie sandusky left her home to bail out her husband of 45 years. handing over a $50,000 certified check and her house, for the remaining $200,000 in bond. after spending one night in jail, the former football coach is now under house arrest. for many including his accusers, it is not enough. >> i certainly hope that he is not a danger to anybody. but i also know a little bit about the nature of the disease. and it is like an addicting. >> reporter: dottie sandusky made her first comments on the charges against jerry. and now implicate her. a new accuser saying, she was in the house as she screamed for help from her basement. dottie sandusky says, i'm so sad anyone would make such a terrible accusation which is absolutely untrue. no child who ever visited our home was ever forced to stay in our base the and fed
and religion on cnn's belief blog. >>> former penn state football coach jerry sandusky will be in court for a preliminary hearing. he faces more than 50 charges of child sex abuse. sandusky posted a $250,000 bond and is now under house arrest. last week he was arrested a second time following new allegations by two more reported victims. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti has been following the developments and joining us now from new york. what's to be expected this week in court? >> well, there's a preliminary hearing coming up on tuesday, fred, and it's difficult to say how many victim could be testifying but it could be everyone that has been identified by the grand jury, at least six, along with other witnesses. at this preliminary hearing we'll get a brief preview of the prosecutor's case. they must convince a judge there's enough evidence against jerry sandusky to go to trial. now legally it's usually not a difficult thing to do at this stage. among those testifying will be alleged victim number 1. sandusky is charged with performing oral sex on the boy in his early teens
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